Rudy was born in 1960 and he showed an early interest in conjuring when he played around with the balls of his rattle.  His parents gave him his first box of magical tricks when he was 10, and that was when he discovered his goal in life….he would become a magicien.

His first shows were at a Scout camp at Middelkerke, and it was during one of these that he performed his famous trick with a banknote in a lemon.  The banknote was borrowed from Jessica, a member of the audience.  It was love at first sight and, troubled, he bungled the trick and burned the banknote…
In any event, Jessica became his wife and assistant.

Taken under the wing of the great Eddy Burlett, Jessica and Rudy perform everywhere : Las Vegas, the Olympia and Knokke Casino.  Unfortunately, too absorbed by his art, Rudy doesn’t realise that Jessica is having an affair with Otto, the lion-tamer that she met in Russia. Rudy and Jesssica’s on-stage and love adventure ends here !

After that, Rudy’s international career grinds to a halt and he becomes a has-been…

« Nobody dreams about magic anymore » he writes in the magazine
« Magicos » Devotee of crystal ball-gazing and experiments with other dimensions, he takes refuge in spiritualism and founds the organisation
« Magic and Mirrors », which is a flop ! He decides to make his come-back in the theatre with his niece, Adrienne.
Adrienne, born in 1980, has always dreamed of being a Star, whether it be a popstar or a filmstar. Early on, she enthousiastically studies ballet at the Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde « Dance Academy ».

Supported by her parents, she embarks on a classical music career.  Mais Maurice Buvard refuses her an audition.  It’s a tragedy, she’ll never be a professional dancer ! She has a nervous breakdown and takes to drink.

It’s Uncle Rudy who’s going to save her from a fate worse than death.